“Changes” New Heritage Ensemble CD Released September 23, 2015

"Changes" New CD from Eugene Marlow's Heritage Ensemble to release 9-23-15Review by Chris Spector of the Midwest Record

Changes:  An appropriate title since
Marlow is at his least ethnic here and
has Bobby Sanabria on board to bring
the Latin as well.  Showing humor and
a full range of jazzbo tricks, this
sprightly set that even includes a sly
tribute to “Peanuts” will open jazzbo ears
that might have passed Marlow and crew
over in the past. Well done throughout
showing just how much of a jazzy cat
Marlow was all along. 









“Changes”—the sixth album from The Heritage Ensemble—is so named for several reasons.

First, all the tracks are original compositions.  This is a departure from the The Heritage Ensemble’s usual reportorial approach of performing arrangements and/or original compositions of Hebraic melodies.

Second, the title track “Changes” (Track #3) is based on the chordal changes to “Beatrice,” a composition by Sam Rivers. In this version there is no specific melody. It is all improvisation in a duo structure performed by Frank Wagner on bass and myself on piano.

The third change is “Scat” (Track #6). This is the only vocal on the album. Again it’s a duo with Frank Wagner on bass and myself performing the vocals.  This track was originally done “just for fun,” during one of our recording sessions. It was never meant to be part of an album, but it fits the semi-eclectic nature of this particular album.

True to form of our previous albums, there is style variety among the tracks—from the Latin-tinged “For the Children” (Track #1); and the bolero styled “Suddenly” (Track #5); to the  swing styles of “Free Spirit” (Track #2) and “Swingin’ Mr. Schultz” (Track #4); to the pensive “In A Quiet Moment” (Track #7);  and the edgy “Inside Blues” (Track #8).

“In A Quiet Moment” is dedicated to multi-instrumentalist Mario Rivera (1939-2007) who performed on my first Latin album—“Wonderful Discovery” (2007) —in a group headed by piano virtuoso Arturo O’Farrill. It was Rivera’s last recording session.

Last, to come full circle, because this album represents some significant changes in The Heritage Ensemble’s repertoire, we launch this newest offering on September 23, the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, when summer turns to fall.

We hope you’ll check out “Changes”.

Eugene Marlow, Ph.D.
The Heritage Ensemble
September 2015


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