2019 Upcoming Events
January The New York City Jazz Record includes Dr. Eugene Marlow’s 12th published book Jazz in China: From Dance Hall Music to Individual Freedom of Expression (University Press of Mississippi 2018) as one of the “Five Best Jazz Books of 2018.”
January 18 Performance: Bobby Sanabria’s Grammy-nominated “Multiverse” Big Band performs Eugene Marlow’s bembé arrangement of “Maria” as part of the ensemble’s 2018 Latin-Jazz Grammy nominated “West Side Story Reimagined” set at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. The album is available on the Jazzheads label (2018).
January 28 Dr. Eugene Marlow begins his 62nd semester teaching at courses in media and culture at Baruch College (City University of New York). This semester he is teaching an honors class entitled “Jazz: Cultural Touchstone of the 20th Century.”
January 30 Dr. Marlow begins his third semester hosting “Jazz: America’s Classical Music” on Radio WBMB-FM (Baruch College Radio), every Wednesday from 4:30-5:30 p.m. The show’s signature tune is “Taylored for Billy,” an original composition by Dr. Marlow recorded by The Michael Abene Quintet on “A Summer Afternoon with You” album (MEII Enterpises 2005).
February 2-8 Book Interview: Dr. Eugene Marlow is interviewed about his Jazz in China book by renowned stride pianist/singer/author Judy Carmichael on NPR’s “Judy Carmichael’s Jazz Inspired.” The hour-long show can be heard on Sirius/XM (Channel 122) and over 170 NPR radio stations around the United States. http://www.jazzinspired.com/browse-shows/eugene-marlow?rq=eugene%20marlow.
February 10 Grammy winners announced. Bobby Sanabria’s “West Side Story Reimagined” has been nominated in the Latin Jazz Category. Eugene Marlow contributed a bembé arrangement of “Maria” from the famed Broadway show to the double album released in July 2018 on the JazzHeads label.
February 12 Performance: Four of Dr. Marlow’s classical compositions–“Three Fugues and A Bolero”–performed by renowned organist Claudia Dumschat at the Little Church Around The Corner, 1 East 29th Street, New York City, as part of a concert of original music for organ mounted by the New York Composers Circle. 7:30 p.m. Suggested contribution: $20.
February 14 Performance: Eugene Marlow’s Heritage Ensemble performs at the Horace Mann School (Riverdale, Bronx) as part of the school’s Music Week.
February 14 CD Digital Release: “When She Returns” The ArcoIris Sandoval Trio Performs the Romantic Music of Eugene Marlow (Valentine’s Day). https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/arcoirissandoval2
February 23 Composer/Arranger Dr. Eugene Marlow attends the Dance/NYC Conference at Hunter College (New York City). Marlow has composed and arranged music for numerous dance companies.
March 1 AWARD: MEII Enterprises forthcoming album “Blue In Green” receives a Silver Medal Award for Outstanding Achievement from the Global Music Awards. 
March 10 CD Digital Release: “Aspetta Ancora Qualque Minuti” (Wait A Few More Minutes) performed by the Italian ensemble “Trio Namaste.” In the United States March 10 is Daylight Savings Time. There are some people in some places who would prefer to leave well enough alone, hence the single track title.
March 25 Composer/arranger/producer Eugene Marlow participates in the Choreographer/Composer Exchange organized by Periapsis and hosted by the New York University Tisch Department of Dance. 
March 29 Radio Play: Bobby Sanabria, host of WBGO’s “The Latin Jazz Cruise,” spins Eugene Marlow’s Latinized arrangement of “Hatikva” from his 2011 “Fresh Take” album (MEII Enterprises). Recorded by Marlow’s Heritage Ensemble. 
March 31 Radio Play: Pianist Nada, host of “The Classical Hour” on WCHQ 100.9 FM, spins selections from Eugene Marlow’s forthcoming “Blue In Green” album (MEII Enterprises). The album includes 10 original jazz compositions inspired by the jazz poems of renowned poet Grace Schulman. 
April 1 Publication: Dr. Eugene Marlow is invited to contribute a major article on “Jazz in China” to the Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World.
April 10 MEII Enterprises CD Digital Release: In Their Own Voice, Vol. VIII: “Lullaby” (for Madeline).
April 16 Award Nomination: Dr. Eugene Marlow’s book Jazz in China (August 2018) has been nominated by the Jazz Journalists Association for its annual “Best Jazz Book 2018 ” award. The winner will be announced on May 1.
April 30  MEII Enterprises CD Release: “Blue In Green: Inspired by the Jazz Poems of Grace Schulman,” a 20-track album consisting of 10 jazz poems by 2016 Robert Frost awardee Grace Schulman and 10 original compositions by Eugene Marlow performed by 18 various jazz artists, including members of Eugene Marlow’s Heritage Ensemble.
May 15 Performance: The Heritage Ensemble (duo) performs for the Baruch College Students Awards Ceremony.
May 15 The Third Annual “Eugene Marlow Prize in Arts Leadership” is presented at the Baruch College Students Awards Ceremony.
May 27 CD Digital Release: “Resolution” an original piece for big band in honor of Memorial Day.
May 30 Talk: Dr. Eugene Marlow gives a talk entitled “Jazz in China: The Book, The Documentary, The Author’s Journey” at the Pitkin County Library, Aspen Colorado. Doors open at 6 p.m.
June 1 Publication: International Piano publishes MEII Enterprises artist Pianist Nada’s article on “Brahmsian Piano Technique.” 
June 6 “Blue In Green: Original Compositions by Eugene Marlow Inspired by the Jazz Poems of Grace Schulman” selected to be part of the National Audio Theatre Festivals Playhouse’s 2019 PODCAST PALOOZA at the 2019 HEAR Now Festival. The Festival’s podcast pages opens the day of the Festival, June 6, 2019, and runs through August 1, 2019.
June 9  CD Digital Release: MEII Enterprises releases “The Afro-Caribbean Rhythmic Artistry of Bobby Sanabria and Matthew Gonzalez” in honor of National Puerto Rico Day Parade in New York City.
June 10-24 Dr. Eugene Marlow attends the 2nd Annual Mostly Modern Festival at Skidmore College (Saratoga Springs) as a Composer Fellow. 
June 14 Performance/Premiere: The American Modern Ensemble premieres Eugene Marlow’s “Quirky”–a piece for violin, flute, clarinet, piano, marimba, and percussion–at the 2nd Annual Mostly Modern Festival, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New York. 7:30.
June 22 Talk: Dr. Eugene Marlow gives a talk on “Why Knowing What Your Net Worth Is Can Enhance Your Music Career” at the 2nd Annual Mostly Modern Festival at Skidmore College (Saratoga Springs, New York). 2:30-4 p.m.
June 27-30 Dr. Marlow attends the 20th Annual Media Ecology Association Conference in Toronto, Canada. Gives talk on “Technology, Jazz, and Individual Freedom of Expression in China.”
June 30 CD Digital Release: MEII Enterprises artist Pianist Nada releases a reading–with numerous piano performance examples–of her “Brahmsian Piano Technique” essay (published in International Piano). Go to www.cdbaby.com/artist/nada. 
July 12 Performance: The Heritage Ensemble (trio) provides live music for the Zicklin School of Business Executive MBA Program Graduation reception at the Pierre Hotel (New York City).
August 26 Dr. Eugene Marlow begins his 63rd semester teaching courses in media and culture at Baruch College (City University of New York).
September 2  CD Digital Release: “The Caverns at Carlsbad”: nine miniatures for trombone quartet.
September 4 Eugene Marlow begins his fourth semester hosting “Jazz: America’s Classical Music,” a one-hour weekly program on WBMB-FM (Baruch College Radio).
November 29 CD Release: “Lotus Blossom: Billy Strayhorn and The Michael Hashim Quartet” coincident with Strayhorn’s 104th birthday.
December 12 Performance: Eugene Marlow’s Heritage Ensemble (duo) performs for the Baruch College Department of English Wassail.
January 27 Dr. Eugene Marlow begins his 64th semester teaching courses in media and culture at Baruch College (City University of New York).

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