2019 Upcoming Events
January 3 Radio Play: Bobby Sanabria, host of WBGO’s Friday night “The Latin Jazz Cruise,” spins Eugene Marlow’s improvised arrangement of the Hebraic melody “Adon Olam” from The Heritage Ensemble’s 2011 album “Fresh Take” (MEII Enterprises). The track features chanteuse extraordinaire Rachel Kara Perez. WBGO is the most listened to jazz radio station in the world.
January 11-12 Dr. Eugene Marlow attends the annual meeting of the Association of Performing Arts Professionals (APAP) in the role of journalist in preparation of drafting a story on APAP’s international exhibitors.
January 15 CD Album Release (digital only): Trio Bateira (flute, viola, double bass) releases its first album of original compositions by Eugene Marlow on the MEII Enterprises label.
January 27 Dr. Eugene Marlow begins his 64th semester teaching courses in media and culture at Baruch College (City University of New York).
February 7 Radio Play: Multi-Grammy nominee Bobby Sanabria, host of WBGO’s Friday Night “The Latin Jazz Cruise,” spins Eugene Marlow’s  bembe arrangment of  “Avinu Malkeinu” from Eugene Marlow’s Heritage Ensemble “A Fresh Take” album (MEII Enterprises 2011). WBGO is the most listened to jazz radio station on the planet. 
February 11 Publication: Eugene Marlow posts “International Exhibitors at APAP” on his Marlowsphere blog. http://eugenemarlow.com/2020/02/11/international-exhibitors-at-apap-you-have-to-show-up-to-be-credible/
February 18 Television Interview: Dr. Eugene Marlow is interviewed by CUNY-TV about his documentary short “Zikkaron/Kristallnacht: A Family Story.” CUNY-TV will offer the DVD to members of the educational community. The Professional Staff Congress provided funding for Marlow’s program.
February 19 Radio Play: Eugene Marlow begins his fifth semester hosting “Jazz: America’s Classical Music,” a one-hour weekly program on WBMB-FM (Baruch College Radio). 
February 29 CD Album Release (digital only): MEII Enterprises releases “New Music for Piano” featuring pianist Craig Ketter. Five composers are represented on the album, including Eugene Marlow, Madelyne Byrne, Eric Heilner, Sam Hoyland, and Dana Dikmitri Richardson. Go to www.meiienterprises.com and click on “Classical Music.”
March 11 Performance: Eugene Marlow’s Heritage Ensemble performs at Midday Jazz Midtown at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church (at Citicorp). 54th and Lexington Avenue. 1 p.m. $10 donation suggested. 
March 20 Single track CD release (digital only): “Fleur de Neige,” Eugene Marlow’s first string quartet about a resilient flower that survives late winter’s blast. Released on the occasion of the 2020 Spring Equinox. MEII Enterprises label.
April 27 Single track CD release (digital only): “Quirky,” an original composition by Eugene Marlow written for one of his twin sons, Samuel Josef. Performed by the American Modern Ensemble in concert at Skidmore College as part of the 2nd Annual Mostly Modern Festival. MEII Enterprises label.
May 7 CD Release: On the occasion of Johannes Brahms’ 187th birthday, Pianist Nada releases her latest set of works for solo piano by the renowned composer. MEII Enterprises label.
June 2 Single track CD release (digital only): A big band recording of Eugene Marlow’s “The Griot’s Tale.” Dedicated to multi-Grammy nominee Bobby Sanabria. MEII Enterprises label.
June 11 CD Album Release (digital only): More Poems from Grace Schulman. Released coincidentally with the beginning of the 2020 HEARNOW Festival, Kansas City, MO
July 22 CD single track release (digital only): “In Their Own Voice, Vol. IX: In A Quiet Moment,” dedicated to multi-instrumentalist Mario Rivera who recorded on Eugene Marlow’s acclaimed “Wonderful Discovery” (2006) album. It was Rivera’s last recording session. MEII Enterprises label.
August 3 Talk: Dr. Eugene Marlow gives presentation on “Jazz and Poetry” at the Aspen Composers Conference, Aspen Institute, Aspen, Colorado.
August 15 Single track CD release (digital only): “There’s No Replacing a Man of Wisdom,” Eugene Marlow’s original composition for piano and cello, dedicated to Dr. Emanual Hammer, psychotherapist and friend, born August 15, 1926. MEII Enterprises label.
August 26 Dr. Eugene Marlow begins his 65th semester teaching courses in media and culture at Baruch College (City University of New York).
October 12 CD Album Release: MEII Enterprises releases “Poems of Praise: Grace Schulman, Poet.” This is Schulman’s third release on the MEII Enterprises label.
December 10 Performance: Eugene Marlow’s Heritage Ensemble (duo) performs for the Baruch College Department of English Wassail.

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