“Jazz in China” Documentary Editing Completed!

Jazz In ChinaThe “Jazz in China” documentary was technically completed on April 19, 2021 (although there might be a few tweaks here and there). The 76-minute documentary is an “official” event of International Jazz Day, April 30, 2021. “Jazz in China” will be available for viewing for the 24 hours of International Jazz Day at their web site. Check back here for the link on Friday, April 30.

In the meantime, you can view the 4:36 minute trailer here.

In The News: Dr. Marlow was invited to comment on jazz festivals in China for an article to be published in the South China Morning Post.  On April 27, Marlow will be interviewed by Chinese Television about his documentary. It will be aired in connection with the aforementioned International Jazz Day.

Jazz in China: From Dance Hall Music to Individual Freedom of Expression by Eugene Marlow, Ph.D.More good news: Dr. Marlow drafted a guest blog describing his experience writing his book Jazz in China and then producing the documentary based on the book. This blog will post on his publisher’s (University Press of Mississippi) web site to coincide with the official release of the documentary.

DVDs of the documentary will be available in early summer 2021.

Showings of the documentary at various festivals are targeted for fall 2021.

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