A Summer Afternoon With You

A Summer Afternoon With YouA Summer Afternoon With You

Eugene Marlow’s critically acclaimed debut CD of 10 original jazz tunes with a quintet led by multi-Grammy nominee pianist Michael Abene.  (MEII Enterprises © 2005)


  1. Taylored for Billy 4:43 Play Sample
  2. A Summer Afternoon With You 6:24 Play Sample
  3. Thanks, Duke 5:26 Play Sample
  4. Gentle Breeze 5:34 Play Sample
  5. Send My Regrets 6:06 Play Sample
  6. Song for A Brave Soul 4:51 Play Sample
  7. Where Are You Now? 4:33 Play Sample
  8. Memories & Reflections 3:53 Play Sample
  9. Broken Heart 5:15 Play Sample
  10.    Com Calma (Take It Easy) 5:52 Play Sample

Original compositions and arrangements by Eugene Marlow
Recorded at The Studio, New York City, February 27, 2004
Produced by Eugene Marlow; Engineer: Katherine Miller
Mastered at Onomatopoeia, New York City; Ken Takeuchi, Engineer

Musicians: Michael Abene, Piano/Leader; Chip Jackson, Bass; Michael Mossman, Trumpet/Flugelhorn; Bobby Porcelli, Alto Saxophone; Dave Meade, Drums/Percussion

Copyright 2005 MEII Enterprises, 235 Adams Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Critics Reviews

“Composer and arranger Eugene Marlow’s debut CD is a swinging delight. Abundantly melodic, A Summer Afternoon With You is. . . a straight ahead album with lush arrangements, great playing and friendly track lengths. Those who bemoan the repetitiveness of standards or the lack of original compositions will find this to be superbly refreshing.”
— Ed Trefzger, JazzWeek

“What makes this CD compelling is that it combines the ubiquitous talents of Eugene Marlow, composer, arranger. . .and Michael Abene, writer, composer, pianist, arranger, and producer in his won right. A Summer Afternoon With You is a delightful album, with top notch New York jazz musicians playing tunes composed and arranged by Marlow, with Abene as leader and pianist. . .[The] relatively short pieces are eminently catching and hummable—a true sign of a gifted melodist! This CD, to my knowledge the first under Eugene Marlow’s name, is an unmitigated success from every standpoint, be it the compositions themselves or the players performing them. . .”
— Lilian Dericq, Jazz Improv Magazine

“Marlow’s 10-track CD earns top marks with wonderful readings and solos. 10/10.”
— Len Dobbin, Montreal Mirror

Radio Station Reviews

“An outstanding piece of music. Played with style and a considerable amount of skill and invention. Superb.”
— John Reid, Keith Radio, Scotland

“A truly beautiful CD combining the very special talents of Eugene Marlow and a group of excellent musicians who were able to interpret the very essence of it all.”
— Michael Criddle, Triple H-FM, Australia

“Great compositions and remarkable instrumental skills.”
— Joost van Steen – Jazz & Blues Tour, Alphen Stad FM, Netherlands

“I played Con Calma (Take It Easy) on my Latin Jazz program at WRTU, ‘Latinorama’”
— Carlos R. Camunas, WRTU, Puerto Rico

“I really enjoyed it. Nice recording. We’ll be giving it airplay here in Southern Colorado.”
— Lenny Mazel, Jazz Director, KCME-FM, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“A beautiful album of exquisite tunes played by top professionals. I have already played several tracks and will continue to play more on my national program ‘A Jazz Hour’ heard across Australia.”
— Barry O’Sullivan, BLU-FM, Australia

“Composer Eugene Marlow deftly traverses the artificial boundary between jazz and other genres. The entire program is a highly pleasurable experience.”
— Lee Stott, Western Public Radio, Kentucky

“Listeners love it.”
— Chrissy Rasmussen, 101FM Radio Logan, Australia

“This is jazz at its best”
— Gil Aguilar, University Pulse, Idaho

“Great stuff. It will get plenty of airplay especially over the holiday period.”
— David McCrory, 2NVR, Australia

“I really enjoyed your music and I am sure our listeners did too!”
— Serge Kozlovsky, Republic of Belarus

“We have been airing the new disc from Eugene Marlow 3-4 times a week. Good compositions, good players. Hats off to Eugene Marlow!”
— John Ziegler – Program Director, KUMD, Duluth, MN

“Thanks for Eugene Marlow’s music. It’s really great.”
— Kjell Andreassen, Radio Holsteboro, Denmark

“This is great music as we really want to hear it. We received some fantastic reactions from our listeners. Most of the numbers are in our playlist now.”
— Erik Vande Voorde, Radio Beiaard, Belgium

“The style of the cover gives no hint of the very professional, very listenable jazz inside. Listener interest.”
— Richard Good, Radio One 91FM, New Zealand

“Very good album.”
— Alex Pijnen, BRTO Radio, Netherlands

“Ahhh, now we’re talking. Quality stuff.”
— Mark O’Neill, 103.7 3WAY-FM, Australia

“I really liked your album and will play it several times.”
— Paul Van Gelder, Vara Radio, The Netherlands

Customer Comments

“Thanks for the pleasure of your debut CD. I’m listening to it now, and really enjoying it. I particularly like your “Where Are You Now?” It has that rare quality of playfulness and melancholy, distant, rare and wonderful. Congratulations on a fabulous CD!”
 — Paula Mallino,  New York City

“I like very much what I heard.”
— Peter Zanelo, Beijing, China

“This is great stuff!”
 — Gloria O’Donohoe,  Burbank, California

“Your CD is great! You are a gifted composer.”
 — Bobby Sanabria,  New York City

“Your CD is very cool.”
— Paul Moravec, New York City

“What a pleasure to listen to!”
 — Linda Jung, Albany, New York

“I popped the CD in and absolutely relaxed all the way to Aspen the other day. Just loved it!”
— Leah Moriarty, Aspen, Colorado

“The CD is just spectacular. First class. The players sound great. Your tunes are phenomenal.”
— Gary Schwartzman, New York City

“We enjoyed it very much.”
— Tom and Olia Sileo,  Bergenfield, New Jersey

“I think it’s terrific and very creative on the whole–listened to it several times. ”
 — Barry Dumas,  Nanuet, New York

“The music was just excellent. ”
— Phil Brinson, Queens, New York

“Wow! Sounds terrific.”
 — Norm Lotz, Tarrytown, New York

“It’s apparent that when you write for this kind of ensemble, you feel perfectly at home in the genre. Your melodies flow, the harmonies are rich and interesting, and the shape of each song seems natural and inevitable. Plus, the players you got to perform it are wonderful! Congratulations on the entire thing..”
— Stan Grill,  Haworth, New Jersey

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