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“My Heart Is Beating to the Rhythm of My Future”: What I learned on My Journey from Concept to Final Jazz/Rap Music Track

"My Heart Is Beating to The Rhythm of My Future" Album CoverMarlowshere Blog (#139)

Keeping an open mind allows for a more interesting and better end product. This is true in business, academia, or the arts. This may seem like a simple, no-brainer piece of advice, but the ability to step back from preconceived notions and allow others into the process without judgement or outright rejection takes an open attitude.... keep reading »

AN INTERVIEW WITH AWARD-WINNING CLASSICAL PIANIST NADA: On the Eve of the Release of Her Second Album of Solo Works by Brahms

The Marlowsphere Blog (#138)

Nada in Hamburg with Johannes BrahmsOnVienna: Brahms & Nada will be released May 7, 2017 May 7, 2017 award-winning classical pianist Nada will release “Vienna: Brahms & Nada” the second in a series of solo piano works by the prolific Romantic-era composer Johannes Brahms on the MEII Enterprises label.

May 7 is Brahms’ 184th birthday.

Nada recently talked about her affinity with Brahms and how her relationship to his solo piano works evolved.... keep reading »

“No Day But Today” A Lesson in Risk & Courage

Production of "No Day But Today" Maple Hill High School, Rensselaer, NYThe Marlowsphere Blog (#137)

A few weeks ago my wife and I attended a musical revue—“No Day But Today” —mounted by the Drama Club of Maple Hill High School in Rensselaer County (in upstate New York, across the river from Albany). Our niece, Rachel, a junior, was one of the featured performers.... keep reading »

Veterans Day Is About Remembering

Honoring All Who ServedThe Marlowsphere Blog (#136)

Veterans Day is this Friday, November 11. It became a national holiday in 1938 twelve years after Congress passed a resolution to celebrate it as a national event. It is coincidental that this year it is celebrated in the same week as America’s national and state elections, pitting at the national level one candidate who has a deep knowledge of the military and the international consequences of war (former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) and another candidate who never served in the military and has bragged about his greater understanding of ISIS than the generals who deal with it every day (Donald Trump).... keep reading »

Kids + Jazz Is Alive And Well

"Jazz for Kids" at Jazz StandardThe Marlowsphere Blog (#135)

It would be easy to make the statement that the younger generation (however you define it) is not being exposed to jazz, America’s classical music, and that is one major reason why jazz is not a popular music anymore.

Well, it would be easy, but it would be a mis-statement for several reasons.... keep reading »