“Zikkaron/Kristallnacht” Remembrance of Kristallnacht November 9-10, 1938

Zikkaron/Kristallnacht Remembrance of Kristallnacht DVD by Eugene MarlowThe Marlowsphere Blog (#131)

Seventy-seven years ago Ernst Eduard vom Rath (3 June 1909 – 9 November 1938), a German diplomat, was assassinated in Paris in early November 1938 by a Jewish teenager, Herschel Grynszpan. This became the pretext for “Kristallnacht,” the “Night of Broken Glass” on November 9-10, 1938 by the Nazis.... keep reading »

“Changes” New Heritage Ensemble CD Released September 23, 2015

"Changes" New CD from Eugene Marlow's Heritage Ensemble to release 9-23-15Review by Chris Spector of the Midwest Record

Changes:  An appropriate title since
Marlow is at his least ethnic here and
has Bobby Sanabria on board to bring
the Latin as well.  Showing humor and
a full range of jazzbo tricks, this
sprightly set that even includes a sly
tribute to “Peanuts” will open jazzbo ears
that might have passed Marlow and crew
over in the past. 
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“For the Children” with vocalist Shira Lissek Fourth Digital, Mini-Album from the “In Their Own Voice” Series

“For the Children” with vocalist Shira Lissek

Fourth Digital, Mini-Album from the “In Their Own Voice” Series

Released by MEII Enterprises

For the Children Mini-Album Shira Lissek, Jant Lawson & Eugene MarlowJanuary 12, 2015—Today Eugene Marlow’s MEII Enterprises indie label released the fourth  digital only, mini-album from the “In Their Own Voice” series. This album features the prodigious talent of vocalist Shira Lissek singing “For The Children” based on a Latin-tinged composition by Eugene Marlow and lyrics by Janet Lawson.... keep reading »

The Jewish Journal calls Mosaica “. . .a stunning collection of songs”

Mosaica: Eugene Marlow's Heritage Ensemble Reimagines Popular Hebraic MelodiesToday, The Jewish Journal published a major article about the Mosaica, the latest album from Eugene Marlow’s Heritage Ensemble.  In this article it called Mosaica “. . . a stunning collection of songs that simultaneously feel familiar and brand new.” Click here to read the full article.

Click image at right for more information about Mosaica →

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“¡Que Viva Harlem!” Makes Downbeat’s “Best Albums of 2014” list

Manhattan School of Music Afro-Cuban Jazz Orch Bobby Sanabria, DirectorCongratulations to Maestro Bobby Sanabria and the Manhattan School of Music Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra (MSMACJO) on its selection of “Que Viva Harlem” (Jazzheads 2014) as one of the “Best Albums of 2014” according to the latest issue from Downbeat. Earlier this year Downbeat reviewer Scott Yanow gave 4 ½ stars to this latest album from the MSMACJO.... keep reading »