Hitz & Pizz

Hitz & Pizz: A Rhythm Extravaganza

A 15-track album of drums, percussion, and occasional bass and guitar performing various jazz, Afro-Caribbean, and Brazilian rhythms.




1. Fast & Furious
2. Bomba Xica
3. Free Range Bass a la Rumba
4. Bembe Madness
5. A Mixed Holiday Boogaloo Bag
6. A Latin Road Well Traveled
7. Simply Samba I
8. A Blues-Tinged Samba
9. Gut Bucket Funk+
10. A Summer Latin Funk
11. A Latin Groove
12. Out of West Africa
13. Trippingly on the Bass Lines
14. Simply Samba II
15. Take  A Latin Break

About the Album

Drummers, percussionists, and rhythm section enthusiasts alike will enjoy “Hitz & Pizz: A Rhythm Extravaganza.”

Hitz & Pizz is a unique album of tracks that features various rhythm section combinations of drums, percussion, bass, and guitar.

“Hitz” refers to the drummers and percussionists on this album. “Pizz”–an abbreviation of the musical term “pizzicato”–refers to the bass players and guitarist on this album.

On this album you will hear the virtuosic playing that drives many a successful track.  What is truly amazing about hearing the rhythm section isolated from the melodic instruments is how “orchestral” the playing is—the playing is not merely the same rhythmic pattern over and over again. There is structure, and a great deal of improvisational variation.”

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